Sacred Seeker

Welcome to your personal energy healing opportunity!

This container was designed for souls to journey towards and step into alignment with their authentic energy signature. 

In order to arrive in a space of clarity, True confidence, and the ability to operate from an empowered place, it is necessary to address each one of our energy centers and heal the things that create stagnancy and suffering so we can make space for the expansiveness of our

authentic selves to come forward.

Now more than ever, it is time to...

Exist in Unity

with your Higher Self, with other humans on this earth, with the very ground you stand upon.

Decondition and Unlearn

the beliefs and "rules" of existing imposed on you by every person, institution, and societal norm demanding you fit into their version of an acceptable box.

Embody Your Power

your soul is begging to expand and experience Heaven on Earth... time to listen.

You were meant for more, and you know it.

This is a humble offering to journey with me to find out…

what the heck else is there?

What is actually possible when I ditch the shit that makes me suffer

and embrace the magic that makes me thrive?

You see...

 we are like sponges.


Whether we realize it or not, we have been absorbing ideas, beliefs, rules, and energy from the world around us since before we were even born

If you’re reading these words, you’re probably onto the idea that many of the things you think you’re supposed to do, not do, say, not say, be, not be… aren’t actually true for you.


Fuck yeah, rebel soul!!

You’re ready to do, say, and BE the things that ARE true for you.

Let's goooo!

8 Week Roadmap

Week 1 - Sacred Seeker’s Initiation

A deep dive into the past to uncover what your soul has experienced, the reasons why things are the way they are in this now moment. We will take an honest look at the present to uncover what is and what is not in alignment with your authentic expression. We will take an expansive exploration into the future to uncover what your soul is capable of experiencing without constraint.


Week 2 - Survival 

We will ground into the potency of this container while exploring the foundation of your life. Topics such as home, money, community, and vital health will be covered.


Week 3 - Creation

A co-creative journey into the realms of creative expression, sensuality, reproductive health, connection to your body, and your emotional landscape.


Week 4 - Existence

Getting real with your self-esteem, self-image, feelings of worthiness, fears, and impulses.

Week 5 - Connection 

Gauging your level to give and receive acceptance, love, gratitude, relationships, and ability to process grief.


Week 6 - Expression 

Assessing how you speak to and connect with yourself and others. Your ability to speak your truth and express yourself authentically. 


Week 7 - Knowing 

Playing with intuition, your stance on neutrality, radical acceptance, and trusting yourself.


Week 8 - Being

Exploring your connection to God (source, universe, goddess, spirit, etc), understanding your personal methods of divine connection, and opening the channel to your higher self.



Create a sustainable habit modification map based on what has worked for you so far in the program + things you intuitively know will continue to support you.


Completion ceremony.


This experience is for you...

  • If you are ready to make peace with the past and embrace the expansiveness of the present moment.

  • You want to truly dive into creating a balanced internal world in order to have your external reality reflect the true beauty of your unique soul.

  • You are willing to commit to being witnessed, held, and celebrated as you release traumas, narratives, habits, and attachments that keep you stuck in a perpetual cycle of yearning for a different experience of life.

  • You know that you are solely responsible for your healing, and you trust that you are capable of surrendering to whatever that path has to offer.

  • You are willing to receive honest reflections and to be held in the image and likeness of your soul’s true magnificence.

  • You want to truly understand your inner landscape, peer behind the walls you have built to keep yourself safe, discover the subconscious programs that limit you, and you want more than anything to be led by nothing but your own Divine Truth.

You are tired, frustrated, and done with the feeling of playing it safe and remaining small.

You are ready to awaken to the power that has been within you this whole time.

Yup... that sounds like me... and I'm about to GTFOutta here because:

a. I’m terrified of what this journey may reveal.

b. I am so fucking tired that I can’t imagine doing this work right now.

c. I’m worried that my friends and family won’t understand

    or accept me if I really follow this path.

d. I’m just not ready.

e. All of the above 

Good. Awesome. Great. Wonderful!

That is your ego trying to keep you in the same exact place you are in right in this moment. The human ego’s job is to keep us in a known, and “safe” environment. It is terrified of your expansion because that means that it doesn’t have as much power over you. It means that you begin to recognize it as a tool, not your true inner voice.

In the next section, I am going to address each one of these fears, then proceed to tell you exactly what you can expect from this experience, week after week.

a. I’m terrified of what this journey may reveal.


It is scary to think about discovering the things that keep you in a perpetual state of suffering, I hear you, and I still feel that way myself. What I have found is that it is even scarier to allow that venom to reside within my energy field because it keeps me away from what I truly want - which in my opinion is a fucking catastrophe. We are all here to live happy, vibrant, and purposeful lives - and sometimes it takes facing tough stuff and healing on an energetic level to make it happen. I am here with you every step of the way… onto the next fear!


b. I am so fucking tired that I can’t imagine doing this work right now.


Holy f. The fatigue that comes along with living out of my soul’s integrity and out of alignment with my truth is debilitating. Pulling on a pair of scrubs to go to a job I didn’t believe in killed me a little bit (a lotta bit). For me, being depressed and feeling fatigued happens when I get really far away from my truth. Pulling on my Sacred Seeker hat almost always lifts me out of that dark place.

c. I’m worried that my friends and family won’t understand or accept me if I really follow this path.

I will say it right now - your relationships will likely change as a result of you doing this work. You will naturally attract more conscious friends, you may distance yourself from those who require you to be someone you’re not, and you may face resistance. But here’s the thing - you will know how to love and accept those shifts. You will be able to finally feel confident in your differing opinions without vilifying the opposing side. As Dr. Suess said - those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.


d. I’m just not ready.

Ok, what needs to be true in order for you to be ready? What supporting structures must be present in your life for you to be “ready”? Make it happen! Or don’t - this is your journey. If you honestly reflect on the biggest things that have ever happened in your life - did you ever really feel ready? Or is this really about feeling confident in your ability? I will share that I felt “ready” to take care of my first patient without my preceptor when I was a new grad RN... but did I feel confident? Naaaah quite. But I did it anyway. And they lived. And so did I. It is entirely possible that you are ready, you’re just not confident, and that is ok. I see you, I am here with you, and… you’re kind of a badass soo…. 

All of the above 

Take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders. Remove your tongue from the top of your mouth. Relax your jaw, eyes, sides of your neck. Take another deep breath. It. Is. All. Ok. All of your fears are valid, welcome, and embraced here.


How this program is designed...

This program is designed to guide you into each one of your energy centers (chakras) where you will discover:

*what that chakra is responsible for*

*what is blocking, inhibiting or dampening that chakra's ability to work for you*

*what will bring expansion, harmony, and growth to that chakra*

...and most importantly, we work with your unique energetic blueprint to curate a supportive, nurturing, and safe environment for you to release what no longer serves you, and embrace the magnificence that you Truly Are.



You will learn about yourself as an energetic being throughout this journey to be able to feel, understand, and heal yourself differently than you may have ever experienced.


In addition to our 1:1 Zoom sessions, I will provide a distance reiki session for you following our session to deliver additional energetic support, energy clearing, and the opportunity to heal on a soul level.

you can expect...

  • 8 weeks of 1:1 guidance and support

  • One zoom call every week, typically between 1-2 hours depending on the content and energetic requirements of that week

  • One downloadable guide at the beginning of each week. This guide will give you a solid, easily digestible foundation of understanding of each energy center within your body, and will guide you through exploring and processing that energy center in the privacy of your own mind before we meet on Zoom.

  • One distance reiki healing session per week focused on the particular energy center we are working with. This session occurs after our call so I have a better understanding of how to truly support you.

Energy Exchange Options


Paid in full


Paid before 1st and 5th week


Paid before 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th week

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