Virtual Karuna Healing Services

These offerings have been consciously curated to serve the Sacred Seeker.

What is a Sacred Seeker?

A Sacred Seeker is somebody who knows there is more to this life than what is portrayed by society. They know deep within their bones that they are here for something big. They have spent countless hours dedicated to remembering their inherent spiritual nature. Sacred Seekers are often people who others confide in naturally, who are always there for a person in need. Their inherent nature is independent, courageous, compassionate, and they often feel the need to “do it all alone.”


These offerings are so powerful for the Sacred Seeker's evolution because of the the kindred reflection and enlightened perspective to your soul's unique journey. The thing about doing it all alone all of the time is that you are not able to be witnessed intimately in your evolution, and the only perspective you have is your own. If you’re hard on yourself, this can make the process of growth grueling because you feel like you’re doing it wrong, too slow, too fast, whatever. Having a witness to your evolution is helpful in identifying limiting narratives, celebrating your growth, creating aligned action forward, and feeling truly seen in you soul's magnificence. Explore the options below and reach out of one of them resonates and you'd like to learn more! :)

Single Session

Designed to guide you to connect with your Higher Self and discover the facet of your soul's next evolutionary experience, while identifying and quantum shifting the energy, thoughts, habits and beliefs that have held you back from this evolution.

Health, relationships, career, finances, spirituality.

90 minutes | $197

4 Sessions

Compassionate, consistent, custom support in rewriting the narratives that shape the way you are able to experience life. This option is wonderful if you are seeking short-term support as you uplevel into the version of being your soul has been longing for. 

Four 90-minute sessions | $997

8-Week Expereince

An immersive journey into understanding how your nervous system + chakra system influence the way you are able to align with your Higher Self and Soul's essence. A step-by-step approach to unraveling and rebuilding based on your unique energetic blueprint.

Eight 1:1 sessions | Eight distance reiki sessions  


Let's Journey Together