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What to expect...

A nurturing space to explore your unique energetic blueprint, understand and work with your nervous system, heal on a soul level, and discover what is possible from a place of true personal power.

I hold this work in deep reverence, and for that reason believe in approaching healing as a journey. I believe in getting to know each soul I work with for the magnificence of their wise spirit and the intricacy of their human experience. I work with people who are committed to their path, can laugh at the absurdity of life, and who truly desire working to create a soul-illuminating life 

A Karuna Healing Session consists of three parts:

1) Processing - We sit together with a cup of tea or a healing tonic, and talk! It is important for me as an energetic practitioner to hold space for your words, to create a safe container for your feelings, and to stand with you as a humble, non-judgmental witness. Processing offers you the freedom to claim the brilliance of your dreams, to put down the weight of your suffering, and offers me the chance to serve you on a deep level.

2) Energy Work - The transition to an energy work session is sacred, beautiful, and potent. You will have the opportunity to surrender to the healing frequency of an Amethyst BioMat as I call in your guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors, and any other light beings wishing to be present for your healing session. You will remain fully clothed throughout the entirety of our session. I am guided to the areas of your body requiring hands-on healing (light touch, brushing/sweeping) and work with your energetic blueprint throughout the session with the intention of clearing dense energy, restoring balance to your nervous system + energy centers/chakras, and sending the frequency of unconditional love to each of your cells. Throughout the session, I may ask questions, speak aloud visions that come through, and will always check in with you and provide space for you to share your experiences if you feel called to.

3) Integration - Arguably the most important part of any healing opportunity. The time we spend integrating is dedicated fully and completely to your reflections of the experience, processing through thoughts or feelings that came up, and providing you the space to seal in the quantum shifts in any way that serves you. This can look like talking, writing, meditating, dancing... whatever suits you! Another beautiful piece of the integration phase is identifying the subtle changes you can make in your life immediately to embody more of whom you arrived in that session to become.

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