Welcome Home, Sacred Soul.

Karuna Healing exists to serve YOU.
A self-healing, resilient, intuitive, courageous soul who wishes to understand and embrace this human experience so you can finally live a life that
feels like yours.


Karuna Healing Paths

Sacred Seeker

For the Soul who is ready for virtual support in identifying and healing the energies and habits that keep them from living peacefully.​

Planet Earth

For the Soul who desires in-person energy work and intuitive guidance curated to support your unique desires, goals, and ascension journey.

Phoenix, Arizona


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For the Souls seeking communion with kindred spirits in the container

of a workshop, event, or shared experience.


Phoenix, Arizona

+ Online

On a mission to reduce suffering

Karuna Healing

the Sacred Sister
behind Karuna Healing

Hannah Katherine
Metaphysical Practitioner, Workshop Witch, Intuitive Wayshower

Awakening, healing, being a modern-day human.

These missions are profound and deserve to be witnessed and celebrated.


As a woman doing "the work" while navigating a life that doesn't quite fit into society's standards... I know this can be tough. The feeling of being caught between two worlds and not knowing how to confidently navigate in either is exhausting and sometimes disheartening.

We are here to have a human experience that resonates with the frequency of our Divine Souls.

The first mission is recognizing and releasing the beliefs you have that are not truly yours. (Deconditioning)

Simultaneously, you connect to your Highest and most Divine Truth and begin making decisions based on that narrative. (Rewriting)

After that, it is the continued effort, the conscious choice, to maintain in alignment with your Divine Truth. (Integrating)

My job is to compassionately meet you right where you're at, share the tools I have in my backpack for navigating these uncharted waters and be a witness and guide to the next evolution of your soul on this magnificent journey of life.

I am here to serve the Sacred Seekers, the ones who are willing to push the boundaries of what seems possible in pursuit of a life that feels curated to the magnificence of their souls. Welcome to my passion :)

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